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  • German Village

    Country Farm Tokyo German Village

    In Country Farm Tokyo German Village, you can enjoy a Ferris wheel, children's zoo, mini patter golf, kids' roller coaster, and many more! You can have a great experience of yummy German foods and wines at the village's restaurants looking at seasonal flowers in the garden.

  • Mother Farm

    Mother Farm Flower and Animal Entertainment Farm

    This farm for sightseeing enables you to interact with an abundance of nature, from animals such as horses, cows and sheep to seasonal flowers.

  • Yoro-keikoku Valley

    Yoro-keikoku Valley

    Nature's artwork in full splendor, with waterfalls, including Chiba Prefecture's biggest waterfall, and a picturesque river! Enjoy the four seasons throughout the year. Autumn leaves are best to enjoy around Mid November thru Mid-December. Great place to hike and explore the nature.

  • Roman no Mori Kyowakoku

    Roman no Mori Kyowakoku

    Located in the middle of Boso Peninsula, "Roman'nomorikyouwakoku" meaning (Republic of Romance Forest), is surrounded with green. Conveniently located 90 minutes from the city which makes a perfect resort escape.

  • Tsukumo Valley Park

    Tsukumo Valley Park

    Fantastic scenery of mountainous layers blended in fog, this stunning valley is mystifying and remarkable. The best setting can be enjoyed during autumn through winter, with the fog and light in the early morning for the remarkable effect of nature.

  • golf

    Enjoy the Golf course of whole Chiba prefecture guide

    Golf information available.

  • Umi Hotaru

    Umi Hotaru

    Enjoy a myriad of events in addition to a giant 360-degree panorama that changes scenery and color schemes as it progresses from morning to the afternoon, evening, and finally nightfall.

  • Tokyo Bay Tourism Federation

    Tokyo Bay Tourism Federation

    Tourist information of Kisarazu, Kimitsu, Futtsu, Sodegaura City listed.

  • Futtsu Fishing Industry Union

    Futtsu Fishing Industry Union

    Information regarding clamming and others.

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hotel information Hotel Kazusa

Hotel Kazusa

4-9-1 Nakano,
Kimitsu-shi, Chiba, 299-1151
TEL: +81-(0)439-52-1020
FAX: +81-(0)439-55-7606

Located 4 minutes walk from JR Kimitsu Station (South Exit).

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